To be granted a Residence Visa for New Zealand you and your partner (marriage/no marriage) will need to meet the basic requirements for partners. To be eligible you will need to prove you:-
  • Are living together (and have been for a minimum of 12 months) in a genuine and stable relationship;
  • Are both aged 18 years or older (or can provide evidence of parental/guardian/other consent if either of you are 16 or 17 years of age);
  • Met each other prior to your application being made; and
  • Are not close relatives.
You must provide evidence supporting the claims made in your application showing:-
  • Your partner is a New Zealand citizen or resident;
  • The sponsorship and support from your partner is genuine; and
  • Your relationship is genuine and stable, and has lasted for the minimum period of 12 months.
  • You must also be able to meet all health and character requirements, and 
  • You must meet the minimum English language ability to qualify for a New Zealand Partner Visa (marriage/no marriage).
NZ Government is planning to introduce a new process that would allow for an Indian spouse to arrive with a three-month culturally arranged marriage visitor visa.

This will allow them to come to New Zealand, live with their spouse and demonstrate to Immigration New Zealand that they are in a genuine and stable relationship.

Until now a culturally arranged marriage visitor category only facilitated marriages that would occur in New Zealand, but this new visa would now cover those marriages that occurred overseas.

The process will be written into Immigration's instructions to provide clarification for staff.

INZ would also be looking at the marriage ceremony to make sure it does follow recognized cultural practices.

About 1200 people have been identified who have clearly declined visas since May 2019 on the basis of their culturally arranged marriage. INZ will be in contact with them in the next two weeks before having their application reassessed at no cost.

However, there may be an additional 1300 people who were denied a partnership visa, who may or may not be eligible under the new laws. Those 1300 people will need to pay a fee to have their application re-assessed. If it is found they do meet the criteria, then they will then be reimbursed.

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SPOUSE OR PARTNER VISA FOR NZ To be granted a Residence Visa for New Zealand you and your partner (marriage/no marriage) will need to...